Expotition to the Expo!

Everyone is talking about the Taipei Int’l Flower Expo ~ thought I’d better check it out before it closes in a few weeks time.  So off I went with Tan Mama and Tan Baba and Tan Daughter…. well it is all amazing, so well-organized, tons of volunteers on duty and all willing to assist us.  And of course it helps that there are few more lovable and gracious 90+ year-olds as Tan Mama and Tan Baba!   

The whole Expo thing stretches for miles and miles around Taipei, exhibitions and gardens and displays of flowers everywhere, and of course people.  Actually 6 million of them so far.  And about another million while we were there.  And a million people have about a million cameras taking at least million photos each. 

We pushed Tan Mama and Tan Baba round in wheelchairs, which meant that we never had to queue once, in fact to take advantage of it we raced around trying to get into as many exhibitions as possible.  Pushing, pulling, steering, lifting, running all day.  Good job Tan Parents had only had half a light breakfast, and I had had double.  My arm muscles are now tripled in size as a result. 

By 11:00am Tan Baba was dozing off, but Tan Mama was still full of life and poking husband awake every time we stopped to take a photo, which was often.  When in Rome, do as the Romans; when in Taiwan, take photos.  By 12:00 Tan Baba was back in action but Tan Mama was now dozing off.  By 3:00pm I was exhausted.  So was Tan Daughter.  At 4:00pm the rain started while we were up a steep hill, but being used to rain, none of us had even thought to bring an umbrella.  Or a raincoat.  We reversed down the steep hill in the pouring rain and ran. 

Tan Family wet and cold but oh so happy.  Me too, of course.  Two lots of people asked if I was their daughter-in-law.  Never a dull moment with the Tan Family!



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