Dear Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield…..

Thank you all SO SO SO much for sending me your beloved and very very extra-special Sharon for a whole 8 days.  We have had such a great time, and I really don’t want to send her back!  But she loves you all so much and misses you all, that I feel honoured that you have been so kind as to lend her to us for all this time.

She has been a huge huge mega-hit here in Taiwan, loved by absolutely everyone and welcomed everywhere.  She just HAS to come back to Taiwan!  And next time, please Calvert and Maya you two MUST come too ~ you both deserve a medal for knowing how to handle her wonderful idiosyncrasies, she makes me laugh all day every day.

Life with Sharon is so much fun, I never know what she is going to say next!  And we all love her to bits!

The whole week with Sharon has been busy busy busy, here is a selection of photos, we have not stopped moving all week. But always fun!

And God has blessed us both in amazing ways, and so many good things have happened. God is just AMAZING!

Oh yes, and Sharon has even learned some Chinese, so do test her when she gets home, and get her to show you her skills with the chopsticks!

So THANK YOU Calvert, Maya and all at Holy Trinity, you are all so lovely and I really appreciate all your support and prayers, and now visitors too!

Love to you all, Catherine P. S. But don’t ask Sharon about the cockroaches!

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