Walking the Lycra Road!

Dragon Boat Festival weekend, and what better place to celebrate than walking up on the mountains of Yang-Ming Shan.  Must leave early to avoid the heat…… 

First photo shows the view from here to there, and the other photos show the views from there to here ~ and yes it is quite a way, but hey, have legs – can walk! 

Counted 9 snakes on the road, happily all very dead; tons of men-in-lycra on bicycles huffing and puffing their way to the top, all very fit and, well, very lycred….

Two days earlier I had walked another local Lycra Road, this time round the coast to Jinshan.  On that trip counted 2 snakes, both dead; more men in lycra, not even huffing and puffing (well it is flat after all); and also 9 Ferraris, in a line all parked.  Collective term for Ferraris I don’t know, wow but they looked magnificent!

Meanwhile down in Tamsui is the huge parade last night and today of gods and idols in honour of the ‘god of Tamsui‘.  The parade goes on for miles all around the town, everyone is out on the streets, all roads closed to traffic, all other vehicles banned.  

Tamsui was also the place where the first Christian missionaries arrived in northern Taiwan; and only last weekend the town was celebrating that heritage ~ and the schools, hospitals and churches founded as a result.   The contrasts between light and dark couldn’t be stronger, and spiritual warfare couldn’t be more in evidence. 

Pray, pray, pray!


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