Fr. Brown meets Mr. Brown!

Mr. Brown Coffee is possibly Taiwan’s oldest and certainly most famous coffee ~ I remember arriving in Taiwan in 1990 and on my first weekend here ~ off we went to a wedding reception where cans of Mr. Brown coffee were placed on every table.  At the end of the wedding reception all those who hadn’t drunk their coffee gave them to me, and I came home with about 20 cans of the stuff, and drank it forevermore ~ and never since have I had cans of coffee or indeed any other kind of coffee at any wedding reception! 

Those cans then were more or less the only kind of coffee widely available and drunk by normal people.  Now 10 years or so later, there is coffee everywhere of all kinds, in all convenience stores, and even Mr Brown has broadened out to sell freshly roasted coffee, latte, mocha and all the fancy stuff…..

My VIP Californian visitor is so truly, well…. just so truly Californian!  So laid back, no plans, no rush, just relax, walk, talk, share, enjoy ~ and drink coffee.  We’ve been to lots of churches and services, met tons of people including our bishop (see photo) and all my friends, and now currently in central Taiwan, while he goes off for a few days retreat with the Jesuits…..

So Rev. Steve Brown is busy drinking his way through Taiwan’s coffee ~ Fr. Brown meets Mr. Brown!


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