‘Ai Weiwei absent’ in Taipei…….a must-see!

It’s all happening in Taipei ~ including the ‘Ai Weiwei absent’ exhibition on at Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Checked it out today and yes it’s a happening place!  These photos are of the Circle of Animals which stand in the main entrance and are the only part of the exhibition allowed to be photographed, so here they are.  BIG!  Check out the photos of the rest of the exhibits on the internet.  1,200 bicycles is a sight to behold!  Lots of old antiques from ancient times ~ all broken up, dropped, stuck together in interesting ways, painted or recreated into something new.  A Han Dynasty vase (202 BC – 220 AD) painted with the Coca Cola symbol, and a set of Neolithic vases (5000 – 3000 BC) covered in industrial paint in all bright colours.  Is this sacrilege, scandal or art?!  Extremely thought-provoking artistically, politically and culturally.  Impossible to come away unchallenged!


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