Christmas Day: Happy Kids, Happy Everyone!

And it doesn’t get much better than this!  Advent Church Sunday School Christmas Party this morning ~ and they have THE most lovely teachers ~ they gave a jacket to each child, all specially designed for the Sunday School and made in the family company  with the Advent Church logo on the front.  Amazing!  So wonderful!  Plus food and drinks of every kind, with red and green Christmas jelly.  Plus Nativity play, games…. and finally pizza for lunch! 

And then this afternoon off to Lao-Mei village on the northern tip of Taiwan for Christmas party in the disused R. C. Church, now used for after-school classes for children ~ 10 of them came along, all full of enthusiasm and energy!  Just for fun, we did the Christmas story with 3 of us speaking in 3 languages ~ English, Japanese, Chinese ~ YA!  And games and songs and food ~ everyone very happy!

The Taiwan TV News this morning reported the coldest place in Taiwan as here ~ Tamsui 8.6 degrees.  In the bleak midwinter……

        But why does 8.6 degrees in Taiwan feel so much colder than -8.6 degrees in UK?  It’s freezing! 

Hey, the sun came out and stayed out for most of the day, the first full day of sunshine for months ~ a sunny Christmas Day, forget all that stuff about White Christmas, we’re after some sun!  Amazing Grace, God is good!


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