Blyth Valley, Suffolk? Yes, first prize goes to them!


Invited by one of our Taiwan churches to talk about the ‘Church of England’, groan groan (where to even start?!) so thought I might share with them a bit about some team ministry stuff…… and googling ‘church team ministry in UK’ has produced a host of websites for me to check out.

And I have to say that most of them are dire (the website that is, hopefully not the church!), totally in need of a complete overhaul.  An underlying assumption that you already know which area of the country the church is located in, a big lack of photos, lack of colour, full of expired news, generally dull and boring big-time!  Not helped by the fact that lots of churches in team ministries are candidates for the ugliest church in England award, definitely architectural disasters of the first order.  If that’s the case, take the photo on a sunny day with lots of smiling people outside, it makes all the difference!

But the good news is I have come across a hidden gem of a website, and this is my recommendation for the best church website out there: Blyth Valley Team Ministry in NE Suffolk which appears second on Google’s list – it is all the things a church website should be!  Check it out, it’s really great!  Congratulations to them, and an Oscar coming in their direction!

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