Yes, there is balm in Gilead….

She died last Monday, but the testimony of how one very lively and incredible Taiwan indigenous lady became a Christian is just amazing.   Wish I could share her whole story with you, but it would take hours to tell; so much has happened in her life, and even now in this mourning period, God’s grace continues to be much in evidence.  Her testimony continues, even in death. 

In Taiwan’s traditional folk religion, there is much activity during the mourning period.  Most of the family are not Christians, so last night we held a service in the family home to mark a week since she died, these are the photos.

The evening starts with cleaning the room……


and cooking and eating…..


then everyone gathers for the service.  There are prayers and songs and sharing…


and then anointing with oil, and prayers of blessing for each one….


and a final blessing for everyone. 


It was a beautiful and meaningful time. From the smallest to the oldest, everyone who wanted to, could share.  God’s mercy and grace there for all to see. 
Join with us in praying for the family.  May they too experience God’s mercy and grace in the same way as their beloved mother and grandmother. 

In my slow plod through the Chinese Bible, page by page, chapter by chapter, I have reached Jeremiah.  Amazingly today’s reading included Jeremiah 8:22 ‘Is there no balm in Gilead?’ 

A shame Jeremiah wasn’t there at the service last night ~ or else he might have answered ‘Yes, there IS balm in Gilead, yippee!” 


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