Mud, glorious mud!

A 4-day weekend, and it is raining and raining and raining ~ water and mud everywhere!

Saturday night, and friends arrived to visit for the weekend from Changhua, south central Taiwan ~ very very special friends indeed. When I first came to Taiwan in 1999, it was this family who invited me every year to celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve with them ~ so hospitable and welcoming! 

A very wet and cold 3 days, and we spent it mostly outside ~ along with half of the rest of the country, plus tons of tourists from Mainland China ~ Shilin Night Market, Tamsui Old Street and Fisherman’s Wharf, and yesterday we spent all day at Taipei Zoo. 

Noticed Taipei Zoo now sells Fair-trade coffee, that is so rare I had to take a photo to prove it!


The zoo is a great place for a rainy day ~ great place for us visitors that is, the poor animals are mostly outside ~ mud and more mud everywhere! 

And only the pandas live in luxury……. but then they are so gorgeous!


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