Mapping Taiwan – imagination required!

This is us in Advent Church last night making a map of Taiwan ~ using anything we can find in the church! 

Every city and place has its name printed out using abc rather than Chinese characters, and every place has some object there to represent it.    So this is Tamsui, represented by Advent Church, with Taipei 101 behind it….


It’s really very creative, with foods and landmarks all represented ~ paper aeroplanes represent Taoyuan airport, Ilan has a roll of paper for the famous tunnel, Sun Moon Lake has a yellow loud speaker cable for the cable car, Tainan has 3 prayer books representing the Confucius Temple and a heap of white strips of paper for the famous noodles, Keelung has 2 drumsticks for the incense sticks at the famous temple night market…….. and the girl with her hands on her head is doing a turkey impression for ChiaYi!

Here we are looking from the south towards the north….. 


and from the north to the south….. 


Amazing what can be done with a few kneelers, cushions, hymn books and drumsticks!


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