Morning Worship at The Church of the Leading Star, Taiping

Yesterday, Sunday, 9:00am service at one of our smallest churches ~ in Taiping, the far suburbs of Taichung, across 3 rivers, at the foot of the mountains ~ the Church of the Leading Star.  A delightful name eh?! 

Actually it is a row of 5 houses all knocked together and housing a kindergarten of about 50-60 local children and a small chapel with a large obstructing pillar right bang in the middle of the room where the rooms have been joined together.  Oh yes and a few cracks in the floor!  In 1999 the building was badly damaged in the big earthquake and needed a lot of restoration.  The whole place needs more renovation now, and discussions are under way….

The church is in quite a depressed area with many factories, but famous for its orange ‘pipa’ fruits.  The sort of area where anyone with any get up and go has unfortunately got up and gone.  Not an easy area for a Christian witness, and few in the area are Christians of any kind.

Rev. Philip Lin goes over from St. James’ Church about twice a month for communion.  Evangelist Joseph Ho and his lovely wife are newly assigned there, arrived in January.  A huge challenge for them!  But also a great opportunity, and they have already started going into the local schools….. 

Please pray for them, the tiny congregation, the kindergarten and the local community. 

May God bless them and may revival come to Taiping!


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