Goodbye to a dear friend….


Yesterday we said goodbye to a very dear friend who died last weekend.  She was an amazing and wonderful person who had the gift of brightening up all our lives with her smile and unassuming sense of humour, including every single one of my English classes that she attended at St. James’ Church, Taichung. Whenever she came along, we spent the whole class laughing and laughing! 

In 2009, I spent Chinese New Year with her and her lovely family, first in the family home in Taichung, and then at her husband’s family home in Hualien and we spent the whole time… well… laughing and laughing!

Praying now for her family in their grief…

A few years ago she was baptised, and praise God, her funeral yesterday was a Christian funeral at the Taichung Crematorium at Tung-Hai, followed by cremation.  From next door came the familiar sounds of the gongs and bells of Buddhist funeral ceremonies going on at the same time, yet in ours was an atmosphere …..of sadness, yes, but also hope and joy.  A sense and sure confidence that she is at peace, resting in the eternal arms of Almighty God in heaven. 

A little sparrow was also in the funeral room flying around and watching from a great height.  Ah, now she would really have laughed at that! 


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