St. Gregory’s Church, Manila: go go go!

St. James’ Church in Taichung has now raised the money to build 12 churches in the Diocese of Central Philippines, we’re on no.12, the final one!  The whole project has been going since 1998…. and looks like finally being completed this summer. 

Church #12 is St. Gregory’s Chuch in Metro Manila, and this one is extra-special for us….


One of our church members at St. James’ is Hui-lan (seen on the left in these photos), a wonderful artist and interior designer. 


Her husband’s name was 頌輝, which in Chinese are the same characters used for the name ‘Gregory’.  After his tragic death some years ago, she wanted to do something special as a fitting memorial to her beloved husband. 

Fast forward to last weekend, and an extra-special art exhibition was held at St. James’ Church, to display and sell Hui-lan’s beautiful paintings – towards the construction of St. Gregory’s Church. 


Lots of church members, friends and visitors came along ~ here we see Rector Emeritus Rev. Charles C. T. Chen, whose amazing vision inspired the whole project and whose faithful determination kept it going until now! 


Praise the Lord, the exhibition was a great success and all the money has now been raised!  


St. Gregory’s Church ~ GO GO GO! 

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