St. John’s University celebrates 45 years in Taiwan!

Congratulations SJU!

3 days of celebrations with over 120 VIPs from all over the world including lots of alumni from the original St. John’s University in Shanghai, China – an amazing group of energetic people, mostly in their 80’s and 90’s!  Also a large group of representatives from our sister schools, mostly in Mainland China…..

Yesterday was the annual SJU service in Advent Church, the sermon given by Rev. Charles C. T. Chen, held in memory of Bishop James Wong who dedicated his life to establishing this institution in Taiwan….

And today the SJU Shanghai Alumni came along for the official opening of 2 important places in the university, the new David W. K. Au Hall and the School History Room.  The VIPs were all warmly welcomed at the main entrance with clapping students…. and escorted up to the 4th floor where Bishop Lai led a short service of consecration at each place.  Plus speeches and a tour around…..

Enjoy the photos of this morning – it was an amazing day!

Oh yes, and it continues tomorrow with more celebrations!


(The final photo shows Mr. Ying Tao-Fu and his wife, both in their 90’s, posing in front of an old photo of St. John’s University, Shanghai – the clock tower building is where they first met, in 1940, when he was 18 and she was 19.   Ah, a wonderful story of their great romance!)



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