And the star of the show is…… The Prodigal Son YA!


Last night the St. John’s University Chaplaincy Student Fellowship held their termly evangelistic extravaganza, wow it was wonderful!

The highlight was the drama of the Prodigal Son ~ and what a hit it was! 

The students were brilliant ~ you can follow the story through these photos. 

This version had a slightly different ending ~ the prodigal son begged his father for a second chance, and when released by his father he went out and met an angel who invited him to last night’s show…… and there he learned about the love of Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, and so when he went back to his father a second time, there was even more of a wonderful reconciliation……

Followed by our chaplain sharing his testimony as it related to this story…..

Praise God, it was a wonderful evening, lots of students, and the student who played the Prodigal Son (who was only baptised at Easter) invited his whole family, so they had a chance to hear the Gospel too.  Many who took part are not yet Christians, but involved in the student fellowship as part of the outreach… please pray for them all!

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