Visitors come… and visitors go: Goodbye Peyton!

Yes, visitors come…. and visitors go, but some remain in our hearts forever ~ and Peyton is one of these! 


Last night was Bishop Lai’s farewell dinner to say goodbye to Rev. Peyton Craighill as he leaves Taipei to head southwards and then onto Hong Kong….


Chao Mama and her family came too ~ she and Peyton (and Mary) go back half a century, and it was through Peyton that she and her family became Christians and joined the Episcopal Church…. and well, the rest is history! 


Chao Mama came downstairs at the restaurant on a roller-coaster style of chair lift, she looked like the queen!


Also there were Rev. Peter Chen and Rev. Elizabeth Wei…. so plenty to talk about, and plenty of fun!


Oh yes, and congratulations to Bishop and Lily Lai on the birth of their 3rd grandchild only 2 days ago in New York ~ Andrew and Sarah’s first child ~ whoopee!

And Lily is off to the World Day of Prayer Conference in New York next week, representing Taiwan ~ praying for her and all the family!


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