3 in 1 and 1 in 3… Trinity Sunday at Trinity Church!


Yesterday, Trinity Sunday and my first time to visit Trinity Church, Keelung on a Sunday ~ so off I went in the rain ~ actually it was a typhoon passing up the Pacific Ocean heading to Japan…..

2 hours round the northern coast by bus ~ passing thousands of cyclists on a organized cycle marathon, all struggling against the wind and rain!  This is Keelung Train and Bus Station area…


Arrived at the church soaked of course, only to find the church members telling me what a nice day it was outside. I guess if you live in a place like Keelung, famous for its terrible weather, then anything less than a super-typhoon is called a ‘nice day’ ha ha!

The service was led by vicar Rev. Richard Lee….


Bishop and Lily Lai were there too, to celebrate Trinity’s 48th birthday…. only 2 more years until the church reaches half a century in 2014, the same year the Diocese of Taiwan celebrates its 60th anniversary…


Little 2-month-old baby  高芯 Gao Shin was baptised and well looked after by big brother and sister, she was very lovely!


Then communion…


After the service we had lunch and birthday cake…


‘3 in 1 coffee’ in Taiwan is very popular ~ with the coffee, sugar and powdered milk all in a sachet ready to be mixed with hot water ~ this of course does not really help to explain the meaning of the Trinity.   But as it was Trinity Sunday, I was reminded of 3 in 1 coffee….. 

Partly because the Chinese name of Trinity Church is literally ‘3-1’ Church 三一堂 but I can’t imagine from the Chinese name that the real meaning is any more obvious ei

3 in 1 and 1 in 3…..

Anyway, it was still pouring with rain when I came out, but Keelung had definitely livened up by the afternoon, a cruise ship was in port and well…. it isn’t a bad place really, honest!



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