Retiring in the Rain!

After days of torrential rains and serious flooding in central and southern Taiwan, last night the rain spread north, and it’s been chucking it down ever since ~ so much so that the government announced the closure of all work and schools mid-morning…… and SJU cancelled all classes from 12 noon onwards……

BUT the food had been ordered, the flowers bought, speeches prepared and choir rehearsed in preparation for our farewell to those staff retiring from St. John’s University at the end of this semester……


Nothing daunted, nothing gained ~ and it was decided to go ahead anyway, so at 12 noon everyone piled into Advent Church laden with flowers and gifts, and the farewell kicked off…..


3 teachers were retiring after various lengths of time here at SJU, one 7 years, one 32 years and one 45 years!  Lecturer Micah Lu was in the first student intake way back 45 years ago, and has been here ever since.  Incredible!  Here are the 3 of them with SJU President Chen Jean-Lien…


Many of those who gave speeches had themselves been taught by these teachers who were retiring, so it made it extra special….


Songs and speeches, presentations and photos… plus a powerpoint of photos I took in the sunshine a few weeks ago for today’s farewell – of long-time staff (some here almost 40 years) with Teacher Lai, himself retiring after 32 years! 



Carnations presented today by his devoted fans….


And so to lunch, and then home before the rain floods us out completely…..


Retiring from the rain? Not really!  Rather, retiring IN the rain!


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