Spiderman and Pumpkins: Taipei Surprises!

Just spent the last 2 days showing our delightful Boston girls the sights of Taipei….


Non-stop action from early morning until late at night!

Friday: swimming at Bai-Sha Wan Beach, to Tamsui for history and culture tour of all the old buildings, to Tamsui Old Street for massage, then eating and …. shopping, shopping, shopping especially for clothes and bags ~ it’s all so much cheaper than Boston!

Near Tamsui MRT huge pumpkins were being weighed for a competition……


And we finished up that night at Shilin Night Market for more… eating and shopping!

Saturday: Beitou Hot Springs, Hot Springs Museum, Taipei 101 (where Spiderman was in action!) , Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial for museum and flag-lowering ceremony (see photos below), then to National Palace Museum… and finally off they went back to Taichung by High-Speed Rail….


Fortunately my colleague’s 16-year-old daughter offered to accompany us on Saturday, definitely an angel!  She was soooooooo helpful, especially taking photos, taking care of luggage, and I was so relieved to be able to send her up Taipei 101 while I went to the bookshop!


The Boston girls were like movie stars ~ all the tourists wanted to talk to them in English or get their photos taken with them…..!


What they appeciated most in the heat and humidity was …. yes, Starbucks air-conditioning, view, coffee and….. Pumpkin Cakes, not even Boston Starbucks has those!


A great 2 days YA!



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