One word, only one word!

It’s so rare to see football, as in real football, being played in Taiwan that I know these guys just have to be foreigners! 


There they were on our SJU playing fields having a great time last night as the sun was going down.  Usually the central oval is filled with baseball or possibly golf or archery, but football?  Never!  Well except sometimes on Sunday afternoons or summer weekends when the Thailand boys come to play.


Most are here working in local factories or in construction, so it’s great that they can make the most of their free time….. 

Having confirmed they were indeed from Thailand, I realised I know one word and one word only of Thai language: ‘Sawat-dee-kha’ ~ but hey they all smiled and laughed ~ and we’re now bestest friends!

The moral of this story is: even one word, just one solitary word of a language makes a huge difference ~ at the very least there’s smiles all round!


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