Surfacing with the Snails!….

Typhoon Saola has been and gone ~ and left a trail of destruction in its wake with 5 dead and lots of flooding in many places…. fortunately the country was mostly well-prepared….. and wisely most of the country was closed down yesterday so everyone was inside all day watching the disaster unfold on TV…..

Here are SJU at least 7 trees went down.. (but amazingly that bird’s nest that is suspended in the wires above the zebra crossing survived and the bird is sitting there still!)

Now we are surfacing ~ as are the snails….. there were 3 big fat white ones (as big as my hand) on or next to the running track this morning…


These big fat white snails always come out after a typhoon, so the neighbours say… and they also assure me they are DELICIOUS to eat (and far more expensive than plain boring brown ones!)

The other animal wandering around over near the running track was this creature ~ an escapee from Thailand (so the neighbour says) – its claw is huge and it spent most of this photo-session waving it in my direction! 

Neighbour not scared of that claw, he even picked the creature up to pose for me!


So a big thank you to you all for your prayers…. now the big clean-up begins…



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