Following the Fashion: off to Taipei’s ‘Modern Toilet Restaurant’!

Fashion, fashion, fashion….. it’s all here in Taipei ~ much of it homegrown, equally much imported. In the case of themed restaurants, much is imported from Japan ~ and has taken off big time!

Soooooo ~ here we go ~ off to Taipei’s Modern Toilet Restaurant.  In Chinese, the word for a flush toilet sounds like ‘ma-tong’ which, with a bit of imagination, sounds a bit like the English word ‘modern’ ~ hence the restaurant name….


Went with one of my former students ~ who obliged by posing in all the right places!


The setting is hmmmmm, well… like a huge bathroom, and people sit on… yes, what look like real toilets and eat at tables which look like real baths and under real showers…


This toilet is actually the washbasin…


And food is served in…. well, toilets of course…


Followed by ice-cream ~ hmmmmm, just don’t ask how it’s served!


And drinks? In…. well, urinals or toilet-shaped cups…


You can check out the restaurant website if you don’t believe me at or even a real live review here on a backpacking blog….

And while most of the people there were students, a family with 3 small children came in, and to see the smallest child’s eyes light up when she saw all those toilets ~ she was so delighted!

Really quite a bizarre experience altogether ~ but it has to be said, a part of the culture that is unique ~ and definitely worth trying!


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