From 中壢 to 東勢林場 to 台中 YEAH!

Off to Taichung YA!
4 wonderful weeks teaching 28 children at Good Shepherd Kindergarten on a Bible summer camp ~ now finished!  Sorry about the lack of photos of those 4 weeks, all due to copyright laws…

Children go back to school later this week, and I’m now back to St. John’s University.   

Bike remains at Good Shepherd Church due to last week’s typhoon ~ strong winds and rain put me off just a bit!

Typhoon Tembin’s rains caused severe flooding in the far south of Taiwan ~ the worst for over 100 years, and now the same typhoon has come back and is heading north today and tomorrow…

But over the weekend we got a bit of a break, and Good Shepherd’s outreach centre in Chung-Li, 中壢關懷中心 had arranged a weekend trip to Dong-Shih Forest Park 東勢林場 and then on to stay overnight at St. James’ Church, Taichung…..

I had to go to St. James’s Church anyway to do the talk at the English service… and so I was kindly allowed to attach myself to the group… and off we went!
With the typhoon still around, there were outbursts of rain and gusts of wind, but we had a great trip to the Forest Park… there were butterflies, bees, flowers, trees and even a telegraph pole planted inside a dead hollow tree! 
And when it was raining we just went inside for tea and ice-cream ~ and to check out the latest technology! 
And then to St. James’ Church where a wonderfully warm welcome was waiting ~ and lots of special snacks!
For many in the group, this was their first visit to St. James’ Church, what a great welcome and what a great experience!   Please continue to pray for the outreach in Chung-Li, they had a very successful summer camp for about 50 children, plus lots of teenagers who also came along to help, so now they are developing a youth group….


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