‘Transformation’: Off to a great start!

Things are hotting up round here as the new school year starts…

Here at St. John’s University, the Chaplaincy has the honour of running the training for the leaders of the student orientation week…  

The theme is TRANSFORMATION ~ transforming yourself, the student community, St. John’s University, the whole world!


30 of our student fellowship have been hard at work for ages preparing for this week, including having a 2-day retreat last Friday and Saturday…..


Today along came 84 student leaders (all in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th years at SJU) for the 2-day training programme ~ learning about leadership, how to serve others, to care for the new students, and so help them to settle in and become a part of SJU…. it finishes tomorrow afternoon with a final sprucing up of the dormitories, and then a service that includes washing each other’s feet…


Amazing opportunity for Christian witness ~ most of the 84 student leaders are not Christians ~ but hey they really joined in the worship time together today!


On Wednesday 1,499 brand new first year students are on course to arrive for their 3-day orientation programme… which includes every student visiting Advent Church…

Today was the grand start ~ please pray for them all!

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