Welcoming old friends…. and new!

Just welcomed 2 lovely visitors, our old friend Peter Ng, Asia-Pacific Officer for the Episcopal Church, based in New York ~ and a new friend, Ruth-Ann Collins who is Officer for ‘Lifelong Formation’ also at the Episcopal Church in New York, her first time in Taiwan, actually her very first time in Asia YA!…  

Yesterday I accompanied them to St. James’ Church, Taichung ~ always a great pleasure to return to my old home there ha ha ~ I love Taichung!

Off we went by High-Speed Rail which is always so wonderful and relaxing, and such a change from the usual bus…  


St. James gets first prize as always for their welcome and hospitality, we learned lots  ~ and ate lots too!


Congratulations to Rev. Philip Lin Li-Feng who becomes Rector of St. James’ Church this weekend, we won’t be at the service, but had the honour of receiving the commemorative gift…


And of course our good friend, Jerry Liang, who has just published a book of his own short stories in English, many of them stories about his childhood, here he is presenting his book to Peter and Ruth-Ann…. lovely stories, such a delight to read!


Ruth-Ann’s visit came out of a desire from the Diocese of Taiwan for some training programmes and workshops on Christian formation ~ wow, there’s so much available and so many possibilities, and so she’s here for 5 days to learn and see what’s what as a starting point.  Watch this space ~ and please pray for us!


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