Beachcombing bargains!

Low tide down at our beach reveals large areas of rubbish strewn about, washed up by the tide ~ and yesterday was no exception… 


The only things I think worth collecting are the easy-to-pick-up clean white golf balls ~ spot them in amongst the plastic shoes, bits of cloth and even half a toilet seat!  


The local people don’t bother with the golf balls, they go down there at low tide to collect the shellfish… 

Beachcombing’s not unlike life really ~  what’s important?  What’s not important?  And what’s important to my neighbour?  Trying to see through all the flotsam and jetsam ~ most is just rubbish, but some of it could be useful, beneficial, helpful ~ actually some of the driftwood is beautiful, the shellfish is delicious and well, golf balls are just fun to collect!  

And just occasionally you come across the pearl of great price that makes it all worthwhile….. last night’s sunset!




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