The Story of a Wedding…… and a Wedding Bouquet!

While the whole country was celebrating the mid-Autumn Moon Festival with BBQs and moon-gazing, we were celebrating a very special wedding!  

Ms. Ou-Yang 歐陽士珊 (we call her what sounds like ‘Sh-Shan’) is the cashier in our diocesan office, and on Saturday she married Mr. Lin 林哲宇 in their church, 板橋長老教會 Banchiao Presbyterian Church in Taipei.   
Everyone signed their names and stamped their thumbprint on the tree!
Sh-Shan was once a student here at St. John’s University and was very involved in the student fellowship, so a group of them sang a very moving song during the service.  Rev. Elizabeth Wei did the prayers….
A very lovely service!  

That was the afternoon, and then in the evening at the reception, there followed the tradition of the bride throwing her flowers ~ Sh-Shan had prepared a list of 10 girls, who were all called up on the stage.  The first name called out was our bishop’s secretary, 許惠苓 Huei-Ling!  

They were all given a ribbon from the flower bouquet, but only one of the ribbons was actually attached to the flowers, and the winner was….. yes our dear beloved Huei-Ling!  And here she is (standing to the left of the bride)….
Congratulations to both the special girls in our diocesan office (and of course Sh-Shan’s new husband) on this very special day!


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