Welcoming CCEA Bishops and Spouses to Taiwan!

It’s a mega-big week here in the Diocese of Taiwan as we host the CCEA (Council of Churches of East Asia) Bishops’ Meeting, starting today!  Wow!

Off early to Terminal 2 at the international airport where I spent most of the day with Rev. Peter Chen watching, waiting and welcoming (oh yes, and eating noodles for lunch)!


Another team of 2 were over at Terminal 1, all of us in our purple diocesan jackets….

All carefully and wonderfully coordinated by Rev. Elizabeth Wei (wife of Rev. Peter Chen), so that as bishops and spouses arrived, so they were met and despatched off the hotel…


Our first bishop to arrive was extra-special as he was our very first of the day ~ from Japan, the delightful Bishop of Kobe and his wife…


Followed by a lovely group from Korea…


Then from Australia, Diocese of Northen Territory ~ the furthest traveled, but still with lots of energy!…


And finally, finally, after a 2 hour delay (see this sign board!)…


The long-awaited-and-exhausted-but-of-course-still-smiling-group from West Malaysia!…


There was another bishop delayed 5 hours, so I left our deacon, Rev, Cheng Chen-Chang, alone and in charge, and off we went….


And so to the hotel in Yilan, where we arrived late enough to miss the opening service, but in time for the welcome dinner…. and here we all are enjoying the big welcome from Taiwan’s Bishop and Lily Lai!


Photos of bishops and spouses and friends from Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan at the welcome dinner….


Whoopee! Welcome to Taiwan everyone!


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