Trying to keep up with the CCEA Spouses….!

Yes, honestly, we can’t keep up! The Diocese of Taiwan is hosting CCEA (Council of Churches of East Asia) Bishops’ Meeting this week and today is the first day….. check out all these lovely bishops, spouses, helpers and friends from Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea and of course Taiwan!

Now that everyone has finally got here, we start the day with a service and then group photos…
While the bishops meet all day, we take the spouses out around Yilan County ~ it’s non-stop action!

There’s 19 of us in a coach, and I’m assigned to take care of our 4 delightful spouses from the Philippines…..
Morning to the ‘National Center for Traditional Arts’ ~ show time and lunch…

and then in the afternoon to the ‘Mr. Brown’ Coffee Factory for afternoon tea…

On our way back to the hotel, we get a phone call to say the bishops are having afternoon tea and are missing the spouses, so come back soon and join them!

Spouses so happy to be out and about and enjoying fellowship with each other, they are a great bunch ~ all so full of life and fun and laughter!

By evening we’re all exhausted so we made the most of our coupon for a foot massage, courtesy of the Diocese of Taiwan ~ thank you Bishop Lai!

And tomorrow? Off to Hualien and Taroko Gorge ~ all of us!
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