CCEA Bishops and Spouses: Off to Taroko Gorge!

Day 2 of CCEA (Council of Churches of East Asia) Bishops’ Meeting in Taiwan, and it was a fun day!


Up early this morning and about 50 of us all on the train heading south to Hualien…

The journey was an hour and 20 minutes, so the choice was… well, to sleep…


or to read theological tomes ha ha, just look at Bishop’s Andrew’s big book ~ and happy smile!


By bus up to Taroko Gorge ~ stunning, incredible, amazing ~ and it’s all marble….


We walked and walked ~ along and up, and up and along… all in our blue helmets, taking photos….


Hence ‘I lift up my eyes to the hills’ (Psalm 121) now becomes ‘I lift up my iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Canon to the hills’…..!


Afternoon we went to visit a very charming R.C. Church in Taroko Gorge…


and then back to Hualien, to visit St. Luke’s Church, where we were warmly welcomed by Rev. Joseph Wu and the lovely church members. 


We had wonderful refreshments, a short service and then gifts!  A church member had given rose stone pendants, enough for everyone to have one, numbers drawn out of a hat!  One pendant was extra-special, a rose stone cross, won by the Bishop of Northern Luzon, Philippines, our nearest neighbour from Taiwan….


And so to the restaurant and back by train… an amazing day, unforgettable for everyone ~ the best weather ever, everything went so smoothly, these bishops and spouses are such fun!

Thanks be to God!

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