CCEA Bishops’ Meeting, Day 3: The Spouses hit Taipei YA!

CCEA (Council of Churches of East Asia) Bishops’ Meeting in Taiwan is now on Day 3….. a whole day of meetings for the bishops ~ and a whole day of fun for the spouses!

Off we went to the big city ~ Taipei YA!

First stop was St. John’s Cathedral where we had a great welcome from Dean Samuel Lin, senior warden Marjorie Kuo and church members. 

Marjorie then took over the day’s itinerary and we launched forth!


Round the block to Taipei 101…


Then to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial…


Then to lunch at the Grand Hotel, wow it was special, so was the building! 


We found photos on the wall of VIPs who had visited the Grand Hotel in the past, so we had our Filipino spouses posing in front of the photo of their past president….


and our Japanese spouse (and church member from the cathedral) posing in front of the photo of the former Japanese Prime Minister…


And so to Good Shepherd Church for coffee and pineapple cakes and a great welcome from Rector Rev. Lily Chang…


Next stop off to check out the gardens of Shilin residence of former president Chiang Kai-Shek..

And finally to a wonderful meal, where the fish left us all amazed, a whole one each! 


It was a great day of fellowship, friendship and fun ~ in fact it was a riot at times with all the laughter and hilarity! 


Thank God for our wonderful bishops’ spouses ~ and the fun we had today!

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