CCEA Bishops and Spouses: Off to visit our churches!

The fourth and final full day of CCEA (Council of Churches of East Asia) Bishops’ Meeting in Taiwan, and everyone is off to spend the day in our local churches…..

7:20am and we’re all on our way by bus to Taipei…

My job is to accompany Bishop Dixie Taclobao and his lovely wife Juliet to visit St. James’ Church, Taichung.  Also going with us is Bishop Greg Thompson, Diocese of Northern Territory in Australia ~ off we go by High-Speed Rail……


Bishop Dixie and Juliet are our dear friends from the Diocese of Central Philippines, and St. James’ Church partners in mission since 1998. In that time St. James’ Church has raised the money to build 12 churches in the Philippines….. 

The 12th and final church, St. Gregory’s Church is almost completed, so it’s great that we also take along Bishop Greg who of course shares the same name, Gregory!

Rev. Philip Lin and St. James have kindly arranged a combined Chinese-English service and invited Bishop Dixie to preach and take part…


During the service, Ms. Hsu Huei-Lan (who has donated much of the money for St. Gregory’s Church from the sale of her artwork, in memory of her late husband, Gregory) presents the final payment to Bishop Dixie…


Following the service, and after lunch, Bishop Dixie introduces and shows photos of all our 12 churches ~ wow, it’s great to see some old photos of our previous visits, and also to see how the churches are getting on now…

A great day at St. James!

Back to Taipei by 4:00pm and I walk them from Taipei Main Station round by the Presidential Palace to C.K.S Memorial, and to the diocesan office where Bishop Lai and Lily give us tea and we visit the diocesan office chapel…


And so to the restaurant where everyone gathers for a farewell dinner…

Afterwards we discover that here we have the first woman priest of Taiwan (Rev. Elizabeth Wei, on the left) and the first woman priest of the Philippines (Rev. Juliet Taclobao, on the right)….


Very Special VIPs ~ oh yes, and their husbands too of course ~ Rev. Peter Chen left, and Bishop Dixie Taclobao right, so this also makes them the first clergy couples in Taiwan and Philippines!


And so back to the hotel, to get ready to leave tomorrow after the final service…. it’s all go go go!

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