A Reluctant Farewell to CCEA Bishops and Spouses: We miss you already!

After almost a week of the Diocese of Taiwan hosting the CCEA (Council of Churches of East Asia) Bishops’ Meeting, it was finally time to say goodbye yesterday to the 18 bishops, 12 spouses, the CCEA Executive Committee, helpers and translators, as everyone left to return to their provinces, diocese, countries and homes…..

We finished with a final service yesterday….. 

Actually we had all been attending the morning service each day ~ before the bishops starting their meetings, and the spouses left for their outings…

The first day’s service was led by the bishops from the Philippines….
the second day by the Korean bishops…
and the final day by the bishops from the Province of S. E. Asia….
And so off to the airport for departure…

Thank you all for coming ~ and thanks be to Almighty God for his blessing on us all!

We miss you all already, but we will never forget you – it was an amazing week of fellowship, friendship, fun and (for the spouses at least…. ) not a little frivolity!

And special thanks to the 2 Korean bishops who came with me to see the sunrise over Yilan, these are the photos of 2 sunrise walks…. just see what the rest of you missed! 
Do come back again one day, the sunrise will be waiting for you!


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