CCEA VIPs visit St. John’s University, Advent Church and Tamsui YA!

This is all what I missed!

The Diocese of Taiwan has been hosting the CCEA (Council of Churches of East Asia) Bishops’ Meeting, October 3-8, and on the final day, last Sunday, off they all went with their spouses to spend the day at our churches….  

While I was accompanying the group to visit St. James’ Church in Taichung, this is what was happening here at St. John’s University and Advent Church!

St. John’s University welcomed Archbishop Paul Kwong, Rev. Kenneth Lau and Rev. Cindy Kwok from Hong Kong, and Bishop Ng Moon King and Mrs. Siew Lan Ng from West Malaysia….
The fact is that Hong Kong has lots of Anglican High Schools, but no Anglican University, whereas Taiwan has no Anglican High Schools, but it does have an Anglican University ~ us!  Malaysia also has lots of Chinese-speaking students looking to study overseas, so we hope to encourage them all to come to study here at St. John’s University ~ a good Anglican connection!  

Archbishop Paul Kwong preached at Advent Church…
and then they embarked on a tour of Tamsui ~all the historic missionary sites, as well as the Fisherman’s Wharf.
Looks like a great day eh?!


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