Relaxing with the girls….

A few days ago I had a houseful of boys… today it was the turn of the girls!

There I sat in the Chaplaincy office at the computer, and a knock at the door revealed a group of girls from 十信 Shixin High School in Beitou, Taipei ~ visiting here as part of a project to introduce St. John’s University to their class.

As it is an English project, their presentation has to be in English, so they couldn’t really quite believe their luck that they should meet me by just knocking on a strange office door ha ha!  So off we went to the church….


and then to my house to drink tea, all in English.  Oh yes, and via a walk around the labyrinth on the way.


They all love English so much ~ hopefully they can come here to study next year in our English department YEAH!

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