Time for Tea at 老梅國小 Lao-Mei Primary School!

Each summer for the last few years our student fellowship team from St. John’s University and Advent Church have gone to the village of Lao-Mei, virtually on the northern tip of Taiwan, to lead a children’s summer camp, also a Christmas party…..

We hold the activities in the old Lao-Mei R. C. Church, which no longer holds services as there are no longer any church members, they’ve all moved away. So the building is let to the Cheng family for after-school activities.

One of the Cheng family relatives is the English teacher at Lao-Mei Primary School and yesterday he kindly invited me to visit….


And here we are ~ having Morning Tea together…. Liptons best, plus McVities Digestive Biscuits (‘Made in the UK’, but bought in Tamsui)!


3 classes in Grade 6 and Grade 5…. many of the children I recognised from the summer camps…

(I know, they know, we all know that ‘A global world was coming’ is not quite right, but hey, the design and colours are beautiful!)


And then a wonderful lunch with the Cheng family!


A great day, thank you to the Cheng family and Lao-Mei Primary School!

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