The road less travelled…


Ah what to do?  It’s a gloriously sunny and warm October Saturday, the last of the summer before winter is due to arrive next week ~ and how I would love to be up in the mountains…..

BUT ….. there’s a northern deanery meeting at Good Shepherd Church in Shilin, Taipei City on the timetable and I should be there…

So how to go?  First step is bus to Tamsui, but then?  Bus?  Taipei MRT Metro?  Or walk?

In this wonderful weather, gotta make the most of it and so…. walk it is – 3 hours along the riverside bicycle path from Tamsui, all the way into Taipei…

It’s beautiful, and really quite difficult to believe that this is Taipei City ~ there’s rice fields, mountains, water ~ and bridges, roads, pylons and all sorts of other structures…

But hey, I arrive in time… and even though nobody seems to quite believe that I have walked there from Tamsui, nor even that such a road exists ~ they should have guessed by now that I always like to take the road less travelled, and hey, it was worth
every minute!

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