It’s more fun in the Philippines: FIESTA DAY!

The third and final day of our visit to the Philippines and despite our 3 previous visits, it’s the first time any of us have ever been there on a Sunday… so we gotta make the most of it!

Today might be Remembrance Day elsewhere in the world, but here at Holy Spirit Church in Signal Village, Taguig City, to the south of Manila, it’s fiesta day… and as the priest in charge is Juliet Taclobao, wife of Bishop Dixie, so we are invited to go along too ~ what a treat!


It’s an all-singing, all-dancing celebration of 28 years since their foundation…

The fiesta starts with a parade around the village, then a service (which includes confirmation), food and a wonderful program of dancing, singing and drama… we even join in!


The after-service Igorot celebration dancing:

And a great performance by the children of the Holy Spirit School, Gangnam Style!…

Later in the afternoon (after an afternoon of more shopping!), we visit St. Stephen’s ‘Pro-Cathedral’, which is used by the Chinese community and has just been beautifully revonated ~ they are practicing for their concert… the children are singing ‘The First Noel’… hey, Christmas is coming!


That evening, we are treated to a special meal where there is a wonderful performance of traditional dances from the Philippines… so special, and we join in again (hope you like the outfit I’m wearing ~ thank you Bishop Dixie!)


Thank you Bishop Dixie and all the diocesan staff and clergy for a wonderful 4 days, and thanks be to God for his many blessings!

And as the famous advert says ‘it’s more fun in the Philippines!’  YES!

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