It’s more fun in the Philippines: THE BIG DAY!


Here we are in the Philippines, waking up to THE BIG DAY!  This is the view from our hotel, located miles and miles away from where we’re going ha ha!  Ah how we love the Manila traffic jams, driving is definitely more fun in the Philippines!

7:00am and we leave for the consecration of St. Gregory’s Church, located in Cogeo, Antipolo….

The whole of Cogeo seems to be celebrating!  A banner stretches across the street, the neighbours are busy cooking… at least 100 people are gathered for the celebration, praise the Lord!


Of our 12 churches in the Philippines built with money from St. James’ Church in Taichung, this one, our 12th and final one, is definitely the most beautiful. It’s small, lovely and wonderfully designed ~ and everyone is so moved to see it finally completed after at least 6 years of planning!

St. Gregory’s Church started life under a mango tree many years ago, but they have never been able to have a place of worship of their own until now… the congregation are just lovely ~ mainly Igorot peoples from the northern mountain provinces who have moved to Manila ~ their traditions are still very much alive!

Hui-Lan has worked really hard painting pictures to sell, in order to raise the money to build this church in memory of her late husband, Song-Hui (which is the Chinese characters used for the name Gregory)…. and her parents-in-law have donated the money to buy Bibles for the congregation too…

Our good friend, young Architect Mac, who kindly gives his services free, has also come to the consecration, as has retired Bishop Lumpias, and everyone is so happy!


Here’s the after-service Igorot dancing celebration!

In the afternoon, we’re off shopping….

And in the evening, St. James’ Church hosts Bishop Dixie and the diocesan office staff to a wonderful meal in the Emerald Chinese Restaurant ~ lots of seafood ~ all delicious!

It was such a special day, praise God that finally all our dreams could finally come true!

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