It’s more fun in the Philippines: YES!

Friday November 9 ~ and we’re off to the Philippines YES!

The 12th and final church built with money raised by St. James’ Church, Taichung is now ready and off we go for the consecration YA!

This project started with a vision to build just one church way back in 1998… and now here we are 14 years later with 12 churches….

We’re warmly welcomed by the whole of the Diocese of Central Philippines!


Rev. Charles C. T. Chen, Rector Emeritus of St. James, Rev. Philip Lin, new Rector of St. James, Mrs. Hsu Hui-Lan and me, all 4 of us – off to the Philippines!  For Philip and Hui-Lan it’s their first visit….

So after a welcome at the diocese, off we go on a tour of the campus….

The provincial office… (the Prime Bishop is away, but we meet Betsy his secretary instead..)

St. Andrew’s Seminary… (here we are with the dean, and we also meet Andrew Daunton-Fear, retired CMS mission partner and still there…)


St. Mary’s and St. John’s Cathedral… (and nice coffee with the dean!)


and so back to the diocesan office for a welcome party!  And Charitas Cho, CMS mission partner with her husband and son, based at the seminary, come specially to say hello – she’s the one pictured with me… There’s lots of clergy from our 12 churches who also come, plus the engineers and others involved in the project, plus Bishop Lumpias, the bishop who wrote the original letter over 15 years ago who inspired us into action!


Before the food ~ group photos!


A wonderful amazing fun-filled evening YA!  It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines ha ha!

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5 Responses to It’s more fun in the Philippines: YES!

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  2. Andrew Daunton-Fear says:

    Honoured to be mentioned – and pictured – in your newsletter!

    Take care,

    Andrew Daunton-Fear

  3. david thompson says:

    dear Catherine,

    I was a student with Andrew Daunton-Fear many years ago. Do you know how I can contact him.

    David Thompson

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