‘The best birthday present ever!’….

So said Mrs. Chang 張喜玉 on Sunday, talking about the fact that her 2 sons had just been baptised, praise the Lord!  Here they both are on their big day…

And what’s more, their mother was confirmed too…
~ along with 3 others from our outreach centre at Chung-Li 中壢 ~ what a special day!  So these 3 ladies effectively become new Chung-Li church members nos. 1, 2 and 3!
Since Good Shepherd Church in Taipei started their outreach ministry in Chung-Li over 2 years ago, and then Sunday services started there 18 months ago, Sunday was really their first baptisms and confirmations.  The whole congregation of Chung-Li came back to their ‘mother church’ for the service and together with Good Shepherd Church Chinese congregation we all celebrated this special occasion ~ a total of 3 baptisms and 9 confirmations, here they all are!

Sarah Pan was also confirmed, her family are Good Shepherd Church members who live in Chung-Li, and it is through their witness that really this whole outreach started… this is grandmother Mrs. Pan, along with Mr. Lee, aged 100, the oldest member of Good Shepherd Church!


All those from Chung-Li, friends who had come specially for the occasion, Good Shepherd church members who help out at Chung-Li, plus hangers-on like me ~ here we all are….


After the service we had a celebratory birthday cake to mark their new birthdays as Christians…


Lunch was followed by a gathering for the Chung-Li folks at the home of one of the former Chung-Li workers, near Good Shepherd Church ~ with wonderful views of Yang-Ming High School and the main road, in the rain!


Plus sharing time with Bishop and Lily Lai…


A wonderful day!

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