Welcome to the World, Baby!

Off we went on Thursday to Chung-Li 中壢 to welcome a new baby, and to congratulate his very happy family!


The last time I had visited 陳鳳梅 Feng-Mei’s family was with Rev. Lily Chang in connection with Feng-Mei’s mother’s funeral last February….  http://catherinelee234.posterous.com/my-cms-link-letter

Off the two of us went this time to congratulate Feng-Mei’s younger sister on the birth to her 4th child… Feng-Mei has also come over from Penghu, so it was a lively gathering!

On the way, we visited a Christian outreach ministry of YWAM, Youth with a Mission, called The Carpenter’s House (http://www.carpenter.blogspot.tw/) in Chung-Li, not far from the family home ~ and so we took one of the workers with us to meet the family…..

Do pray for the whole family ~ some of them have made decisions to follow Christ since their mother’s funeral, but the challenge is to try to get them involved in a church, and our outreach Center at Chung-Li is just too far away…


Baby was asleep for most of our visit, but woke up just in time to say goodbye lol!

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