SJU 聖誕義賣 Fundraising 2012: St. Teresa’s Church 聖女小德蘭堂

Our Christmas fundraising this year at St. John’s University and Advent Church is for the wonderful outreach ministry of St. Teresa’s Church ~ caring for old people and disadvantaged children in the Taipei Wanhua 萬華 area.

Today Fr. Marcel Goffart 候發德神父 came from St. Teresa’s Church to share with us about their ministry….

Originally from Belguim with CICM (Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), he came to Taiwan at the age of 27 ~ that was 48 years ago in 1964! Now at 75, he still has the energy and vision of a 27 year old, and like the other CICM priests in Taiwan, he clearly has no intention of retiring ~ they are all amazing!

Today we invited him to come and share with our university staff and church members over lunch about his calling and service in Taiwan all these years……


Now we start accepting donations, and on December 19, we hold our big fundraising bazaar to raise money for St. Teresa’s… YA!

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