Congratulations Minnie and Yang-Ming High School YA!

She’s done it YES!  Second prize in the whole of the Taipei City High Schools English Speech Competition – held yesterday, yeah!


Helped by a wonderful cooperation with Good Shepherd Church directly across the road, which meant I could go along and help them…

Minnie was the leader of the Yang-Ming High School (YMHS) English Club last year and I often went there to lead club activities… so this year, when Minnie was chosen as the school representative for the English competition, her English teachers (Teacher Jennifer – above left, and Teacher Judy – above centre, with Minnie on the right) invited me to go again and help her…

So there the 4 of us were on 3 Friday afternoons this past month training and directing Minnie, practising her speech and her story-telling zillions of times… and when I wasn’t there, the teachers continued their long training sessions… their dedication immense, but it paid off yeah!

This photo was taken last Friday before the competition, but I imagine the smiles are even bigger today ~ Congratulations Minnie and all at YMHS!

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One Response to Congratulations Minnie and Yang-Ming High School YA!

  1. Minnie says:

    Thank you so much for helping! I guess I just won you a dinner with teacher Jennifer! haha!!

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