St. James’ Kindergarten: 舊生回園慶聖誕 Christmas Reunions!

Every year just before Christmas, St. James’ Kindergarten in Taichung welcomes back old students to receive special scholarship awards for studying hard.  Not all students qualify, they have to get good overall marks in all their school tests, but for those who do, this is a wonderful reunion for staff and students ~ and a good chance for the kindergarten to share with the students about the meaning of Christmas…


Although I go back there many times a year, I never happen to be there for this event, so this year I went back specially ~ wow, it was wonderful to see my old students again!  All are now aged 12-19 ~ some have changed so much that I missed them completely, they look so different, ha ha!  Of course all are taller, but many otherwise look just the same as they did aged 5, and some I recognised only because their mothers came too….


Ah, it was a fun evening, so many wonderful reunions!

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