Ah, the Lees have done it again: ‘Life of Pi’: A big must-see!

In keeping with my 2013 New Year’s Resolution (and my last blog post of 2012) of the Lee advert ‘Keep Calm and Sparkle on’….

New Year’s Day and we went to see the Ang Lee (must be a distant relative I’m sure!) 3D film, ‘Life of Pi’ – which is amazing ~ deep, theological, spiritual and beautiful all combined into a great ‘Keep-Calm-and-Sparkle-on’ type of movie!


80% of the movie was filmed in Taiwan, in Taipei Zoo, Taichung and even in Pingtung (where Ang Lee was born)… check out this article here for more details of the filming…

A great credit to Taiwan, to India, and of course to Ang Lee ~ the Lees have done it again ha!

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One Response to Ah, the Lees have done it again: ‘Life of Pi’: A big must-see!

  1. colindarling says:

    eh? What are you saying Catherine? Ok it may be deep, and it may be spiritual but . . . er it is also about brutal murder and survival at all costs . . . I enjoyed it because visually and, as theatre, it is stunning but what was the film saying? People choose the easy story rather than one based on reason? So the father figure was right? Right when he says reason is the most important thing? Is the theme of the film the way Faith – in all faiths – is a kind of dream narrative devised to explain unpleasant reality? Maybe that is not so wrong . . . faith ought to grow through dream narrative naiive stages into a richer and more complex understanding. Yet some of us – some people of all faiths – remain in childhood dreams and maybe all of us to some degree retain something of that. Perhaps that is why we admire those who face reality head on and somehow prosper. Perhaps we also admire those who live in prayer and silence, and fight the selfish self. And yet, and yet . . . we continue to sugar coat our stories and our stories about our heroes – even faith heroes. So which story do we prefer? What does the way one describes the world say about oneself? A startling film in more ways than one 😉

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