Of light and dark, sunsets and shadows…

Bishop Roger keeps telling me he’s in the sunset of his life, but he does so with a great raucous laugh, and then starts on another major discussion on the meaning of life, faith and of course his favourite subject of theology…


Having had a major stroke 3 years ago, his first thought every day is to thank God he is still alive and that one side of his body is fine, forget the rest – so he’s inspiring many of our church members and friends to give thanks for the health that they have YA!

He’s here visiting from Mauritius with his lovely wife Alice, the main purpose being to visit her parents who live up the road in Shuang-Lien Elderly Centre…

But while they’re here they also like to meet up with old friends ~ oh yes and get the car fixed at the same time…

So off we went last night to visit Rev. David Chee and his wife Amy, who live up the mountain with great views of Tamsui…


And their apartment is full of really beautiful classical Chinese stuff… so here’s some of it..


Here’s Bishop Roger singing a beautiful Hakka song…. (with his eyes closed – to concentrate!)

Truly never a dull moment as long as Bishop Roger and Alice are here in Taiwan!

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One Response to Of light and dark, sunsets and shadows…


    thanks Catherine for sharing , the GOOD SHEPHERD never fails .

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