Bishop John C. T. Chien’s Funeral

Yesterday was the funeral of our dearly beloved retired Bishop John C. T. Chien, in St. Peter’s Church, Chia-Yi, central Taiwan.  About 200 people gathered ~ family, clergy and most of our church members from southern and central Taiwan ~ in fact there were so many people that most were seated outside and watched on the big screen, a fitting tribute to how much Bishop Chien was admired and loved by so many….


IMG_7961 IMG_7967

IMG_7968 IMG_7972 IMG_7979 IMG_7983 IMG_7988 IMG_7999 IMG_8010 IMG_8011IMG_7951

A beautiful, moving service for such a wonderful person ~ and to be followed next Saturday by the Memorial Service in the cathedral in Taipei….

Please continue to pray for Bishop Chien’s wife Grace, all the family and all those who mourn his passing…

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2 Responses to Bishop John C. T. Chien’s Funeral

  1. Rev Stephen SOe says:

    our condolences to the members of the DIOCESE of Taiwan, for the demise of your beloved bishop. From:Rev Stephen Soe and St.Paul’s Church,Penang,Malaysia

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