Ah well, at least Confucius is smiling…. !

Monday morning arrived along with the dampness ~ and the damp’s still here 3 days later! The floors in the kitchen and in our office all covered in water, the tiled kitchen walls and the outside of the fridge all have water running down them, mirrors and windows all steamed up, all table and desk surfaces damp – so the computer mouse keeps getting stuck, leather chairs are all sticky, cards and calendars are all curled up, and the TV picture is blurred until it warms up and comes into focus…. and it’s not even raining ~ ah what fun!

This happens several times a year here due to excessive humidity, but this time it’s gone on for 3 long days!

Meanwhile outside in the neighbouring high school, Confucius seems to be actually smiling under the beautiful wisteria, and nearby peach tree…

IMG_8025 IMG_8032 IMG_8039 IMG_8037

It’s spring, and surrounded by such beautiful flowers ~ no wonder Confucius doesn’t seem to mind the dampness at all!


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