Holy Cats?

IMG_8056The cat next door has reappeared after a year or more away living in the big city and I met it today on my way out the door – still with a big floppy tummy, still very nervous and likely to run inside at the slightest noise, but hey, quite photogenic and poses very nicely for me……  welcome home cat!

Lives with our SJU Chaplain, who’s also our rector, so guess it’s sort of a rectory cat….

IMG_8059 IMG_8064

2 minutes later I arrive at Advent Church and there’s the church cat posing very nicely on the altar rail…. this one’s definitely not nervous, just slightly aloof and doesn’t like too much attention – so she got down quickly and started on her daily exercise, round and round the church under the chairs….

IMG_8068 IMG_8065

Can holiness be absorbed like osmosis?  If so, guess these two are holy cats?

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One Response to Holy Cats?

  1. John Chen says:

    Oh my… Look at Organ all grown up!

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